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Readers have asked for a newsletter pretty much since I’ve been publishing, but I’ve always felt like I didn’t know how I’d fill a regularly published newsletter, so I answered that question with “I don’t have one and probably won’t.”

But over the past year or so, as it’s become increasingly difficult to get the word out on social media the way I always had, I’d started thinking more about it, perusing the newsletters of friends and authors I enjoy and trying to imagine myself doing something similar.

I got the newsletter question this summer in the annual Q&A in my reader group, and I answered it as I always did, with a bit more detail–and then, like two weeks later, Facebook made another change to the way business pages worked, and my stats on boosted posts took a nosedive–and other creatives were bemoaning the same thing.

So, okay. Social media posts are not the way to get my news out to the people who want to know it. I spent the rest of the summer figuring out what I would put in a newsletter and also figuring out the tech to publish it.

The inaugural issue of The Signal Bend Beacon went out this morning. ☺️ Among other things, it includes an announcement I haven’t yet made anywhere else and Chapter 1 of a newsletter-exclusive novella.

Currently, a pop-up is enabled on this site, so you might have already been prompted to subscribe if you haven’t already. If you, like me, have pop-ups disabled, there is also a sign-up form embedded above, in the tab “Newsletter.

If you weren’t a subscriber when the first issue went out but subscribe now, I plan to send out the first issue again to new subscribers soon.

While I’ll still post to FB and Insta, and here on the blog, of course, the Beacon is the best way to keep up with my writing and publishing news and be sure you actually get info when it’s available. I plan for every issue to include some kind of exclusive, original story content (from short stories or serialized chapters to deleted scenes and behind-the-scenes looks, maybe articles “written” by beloved characters … basically anything I can think of, lol). Especially while I’m publishing the novella serially in it, I’ll release new issues at a steady and fairly speedy pace, so you don’t have to wait too long between chapters.

So sign up and be in the know!


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