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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your reflections on the Signal Bend series. To give you an idea of how much I have enjoyed these books, I’ve just started my third read-through. Isaac and Lilli are iconic with their sexual intensity (f’ing like freight trains) and the humor you have woven in. “You yanked?” How great to see a strong female lead.

    As someone who reads over 200 novels a year, it is amusing to see you looking back at your first book with a critical eye. In a genre where there is so much dreck, it is wonderful to see an author who is committed to creating three-dimensional gritty characters (not the Disney style MC), a great plot, some of the steamiest scenes ever, as well as honoring the craft of writing. It is a rare combination.

    I recently discovered your Brazen Bend series which I will start after my revisit to Signal Bend. Thrilled also to see the other Norse series I didn’t know about. Lots to look forward to!

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