Postcards from Sturgis

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Postcards from Sturgis

A collaborative anthology of short stories, taking place at the 2014 Sturgis Bike Rally imagining if all the bikers from the Freak Circle Press Writers met there. Each story is written in full collaboration, with the writers taking the POVs of their own characters.

Note: The Freak Circle Press has shrunk a bit since 2014; Elayne DiSano hung up her keyboard a couple of years ago.

Here’s the description of Postcards from Sturgis:

Way back in June 2014, Itook part in a Q&A in the Gotta Have Romance with a Kick group on GoodReads. One of the people taking part submitted a question asking if the Night Horde from Signal Bend would ever cross paths with the Mountain Skulls from Tippitt (Elayne DiSano).

And what happened when these guys bumped into each other? Well, what didn’t happen…

There was some action in a bare knuckle boxing tournament.

A few of them ended up discussing the, erm, intricacies of some of the work they do for their clubs.

Violet, tattoo artist extraordinaire and old lady of Mac of the Marauders MC, got her ink on.

The Tech officers got their geek on.

A couple of the other old ladies tagged along and bumped into each other.

…and Houdini (the Vikings MC) got a surprise visit from his younger sister…

Among other things.

The moral of the story? Be careful what you wish for!