Night Horde/Brazen Bulls Timeline

By request, here’s the chronology of the Night Horde MC/Brazen Bulls MC world (some books include flashbacks; I’m only listing the years that are present day in each book). At the end, I’ve added some remarks about reading order.

The Brazen Bulls MC series (The first Bulls series)

Crash: Rad & Willa, 1995-1996

Twist: Gunner & Leah, 1996-1997

Slam: Maverick & Jenny, 1997-1998

Blaze: Simon & Deb, 1998-1999

Honor: Apollo & Jacinda, 1999-2000

Fight: Ox & Maddie, 2000-2001

Stand: Caleb & Cecily, 2001-2002

Light: Fitz & Kari, Holiday season 2001

Lead: Becker & Sage, 2002-2003 (epilogue 2007)

The Signal Bend Series (The first Night Horde MC series–Missouri charter)

Move the Sun: Isaac & Lilli, 2012

Behold the Stars: Isaac & Lilli, 2012-2013

Into the Storm: Showdown & Shannon, 2013-2014

Alone on Earth: Bart & Riley, 2014-2016

In Dark Woods: Isaac & Lilli, 2014-2015

All the Sky: Havoc & Cory, 2016-2017

Show the Fire: Len & Tasha, 2017-2018

Leave a Trail: Badger & Adrienne, 2018-2019 (+ “The True Seed,” extended series epilogue, Isaac & Lilli, 2019-2026)*

*The big fight with the cartel in Leave a Trail happens September 2018.

The Brazen Bulls Birthright 

Redemption: Eight Ball & Marcella, 2019-2020

Rescue: Dex & Kelsey, 2020-2021

Resolve: Zach & Lyra, 2021-2022

Renaissance: Cooper & Siena, 2022

Restless: Jay & Petra, 2022

Reunuion: Christmas novella, 2022

Resilience: Sam & Athena, 2023

Respect: Duncan & Phoebe, 2024-2025

The Night Horde SoCal (The second Night Horde MC series–Southern California charter)

Strength & Courage: Muse & Sidonie, 2022

Shadow & Soul: Demon & Faith, 2023

Today & Tomorrow: Nolan & Analisa, 2023

Fire & Dark: Connor & Pilar, 2024

Dream & Dare: Hoosier & Bibi, 2025

Knife & Flesh: Trick & Juliana, 2025-2026

Rest & Trust: Sherlock & Sadie, 2026-2027

Calm & Storm: Ronin & Lorraine, 2027 (+ “Home & Safe,” extended series epilogue, 2027)

Night Horde MC Saga Standalones 

Nolan: Return to Signal Bend: Nolan & Iris, 2027-2030 (including epilogue)

Love & Friendship: (couple is spoiler), occurs concurrent with Nolan.

Reading Order:

There are two ways to read the books in this world.

  1. In the order of publication: The Signal Bend Series, then the Night Horde SoCal, Nolan (and Love & Friendship, though that one can be skipped without missing any details of the overarching story), the  Brazen Bulls MC, and finally the Brazen Bulls Birthright.
  2. In chronological order, according to the story timeline: The Brazen Bulls, then Signal Bend, then BB Birthright, then NH SoCal, and finally Nolan, (and Love & Friendship).

Any of the series can stand alone without reading the others, but the books in each series work together to tell one coherent story, so I don’t advise picking and choosing within a series. I also don’t advise reading Nolan or Love & Friendship unless you’ve read both Signal Bend and SoCal.

And there ya go!