Night Horde/Brazen Bulls Timeline

By request, here’s the chronology of the Night Horde MC/Brazen Bulls MC world (some books include flashbacks; I’m only listing the years that are present day in each book). At the end, I’ve added some remarks about reading order.


BBMC complete series.jpg

The Brazen Bulls MC series 

Crash: Rad & Willa, 1995-1996

Twist: Gunner & Leah, 1996-1997

Slam: Maverick & Jenny, 1997-1998

Blaze: Simon & Deb, 1998-1999

Honor: Apollo & Jacinda, 1999-2000

Fight: Ox & Maddie, 2000-2001

Stand: Caleb & Cecily, 2001-2002

Light: Fitz & Kari, Holiday season 2001

Lead: Becker & Sage, 2002-2003 (epilogue 2007)



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The Signal Bend Series (The first Night Horde MC series–Missouri charter)

Move the Sun: Isaac & Lilli, 2012

Behold the Stars: Isaac & Lilli, 2012-2013

Into the Storm: Showdown & Shannon, 2013-2014

Alone on Earth: Bart & Riley, 2014-2016

In Dark Woods: Isaac & Lilli, 2014-2015

All the Sky: Havoc & Cory, 2016-2017

Show the Fire: Len & Tasha, 2017-2018

Leave a Trail: Badger & Adrienne, 2018-2019 (+ “The True Seed,” extended series epilogue, Isaac & Lilli, 2019-2026)*

*The big fight with the cartel in Leave a Trail happens September 2018.


The Night Horde SoCal (The second Night Horde MC series–Southern California charter)

Strength & Courage: Muse & Sidonie, 2022

Shadow & Soul: Demon & Faith, 2023

Today & Tomorrow: Nolan & Analisa, 2023

Fire & Dark: Connor & Pilar, 2024

Dream & Dare: Hoosier & Bibi, 2025

Knife & Flesh: Trick & Juliana, 2025-2026

Rest & Trust: Sherlock & Sadie, 2026-2027

Calm & Storm: Ronin & Lorraine, 2027 (+ “Home & Safe,” extended series epilogue, 2027)


Night Horde MC Saga Standalones

Nolan: Return to Signal Bend: Nolan & Iris, 2027-2030 (including epilogue)

Love & Friendship: (couple is spoiler), occurs concurrent with Nolan.


Reading Order:

Because the Brazen Bulls MC series is a prequel series, the last of these series written, there are two ways to read the books in this world.

  1. In the order of publication: The Signal Bend Series, then the Night Horde SoCal, Nolan (and Love & Friendship, though that one can be skipped without missing any details of the overarching story), and finally The Brazen Bulls MC.
  2. In chronological order, according to the story timeline: The Brazen Bulls, then Signal Bend, then SoCal, Nolan, (and Love & Friendship).

Any of the three series can stand alone without reading the others, but the books in each series work together to tell one coherent story, so I don’t advise picking and choosing within a series. I also don’t advise reading Nolan or Love & Friendship unless you’ve read both Signal Bend and SoCal.

And there ya go!