The Golden Door Duet

At the turn of the twentieth century, a brother and sister flee the dangers of their life in Sicily for the golden promise of America. But the promise shatters as soon as their feet touch solid ground again. What they find in that new world will test their faith—in life, and in each other.

America’s rough welcome tears them apart. As they struggle to find their own ways and build full lives in an unfamiliar, incomprehensible place, they each, in their own time, discover true love.

In the strength of that love, they might find a way back to each other as well.

Note: This duet stands alone, but it is connected to The Pagano Brothers series, as it is the origin story of the Romano Family of New York, who are allied with the Paganos and are featured in the overall story of that series.

La Bellezza, Book One

Il Bestione, Book Two