Brazen Bulls Family Tree

As the second Brazen Bulls Series (Brazen Bulls Birthright) progresses toward completion, I’ve gotten more and more questions about who’s related to whom and how old all the kids are. A reader recently asked if there was a “family tree” for the Bulls, and I thought “That’s a good idea!” I have notes of my own, of course, to keep everybody as straight as possible and to double-check continuity as the club saga grows longer and more complex. So I took some time to organize my notes in a way people who aren’t me can understand (my actual notes are probably impenetrable to anyone who doesn’t carry around my actual brain).

So, without further ado: The Brazen Bulls MC Family Tree.

Actually, a bit more ado, by way of explaining my organization here. I’ve organized the list by rank, so there are a few instances when a patch is listed more than once, if he’s held more than one rank in the club. I only list familial relationships the first time the patch is listed. I note dates (years only) that officers held their rank, as well as when couples come together, and when they marry, if they did (not all my couples marry). I note children’s first names and middle names if I’ve given them a middle name to this point.

The Brazen Bulls MC Family Tree
Club founded in 1975, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Nevada Charter founded 2021

Founding Membership
Brian “D” Delaney (Founder and President, 1975-2002)
–Maureen “Mo” Quinn Delaney (Married 1969)
Oskar “Dane” Nielsen (Vice President 1975-1998. Died 1998)
–Joanna (Married 1975)
— –Cecily (born 1977)
— –Clara (born 1979)
Other Members: Collier “Collie” Berhardt; John Patterson; Stu McGee (all died before 1995)
First prospects: Conrad “Radical” Jessup and Fernando “Ox” Sanchez

The Brazen Bulls MC/Brazen Bulls Birthright Series Membership (1995 – present)

Brian Delaney, President until 2002 (retired 2002)
Gary Becker, President 2002-2018 (died 2018)
–Sage Cleary Becker (together 2002, married 2003)
— –Emily and Anne (born 2003)
— –John (born 2005)
— –Michael (born 2007)
Edgar “Eight Ball” Johnston, President 2018-present
–Marcella Lewis (married 2020)
— –Ajax Malcolm (born 2009)

Dane Nielsen, VP 1975-1998 (died 1998)
Fernando “Ox” Sanchez, VP 1998-2001 (retired 2001, died 2002)
–Madonna Donne (together 1985; married 2001)
Gary Becker, VP 2001-2002
Simon Spellman, VP 2002-2013
–Debra Wesson Spellman (together 1998; married 1999)
— –Samuel (born 2001)
— –Mason (born 2004)
Eight Ball Johnston, VP 2013-2018
Richard “Maverick” Helm, VP 2018-present
–Jennifer Wagner (together 1991; married 1997)
— –Kelsey Marie (born 1993)
— –Duncan Richard (born 1998)
— –Hannah Grace (born 2005)

Conrad “Rad” Jessup, SAA 1980-2015 (retired 2015)
–Willa Randall (together 1995)
— –Zachary Randall (born 1996)
— –Jacob Conrad (born 1999)
Seth “Dex” Denson, SAA 2015-present
–Kelsey Helm Denson (together 2020, married 2021)
— –Matilda Jennifer (born 2021)

Simon Spellman, 1995-2002
Caleb Mathews, 2002-present
–Cecily Nielsen Mathews (together 2001, married 2002)
— –James Levi (born 2002)
— –Audra Maureen (born 2007)

TECHNOLOGY OFFICER (rank created 2000)
Neil “Apollo” Armstrong
–Jacinda Durham (together 1999, married 2000)
— –Athena Estelle (born 2001)

ROAD CAPTAIN (rank created 2013)
Roland “Fitz” Fitzgerald, RC 2013-present
–Kari Kovacs Fitzgerald (together 1989-1991, 2001; married 2002)
— –Quentin (stepson, born 1998)
— –Delilah (born 2004)
— –Alana (born 2006)

Maxwell “Gunner” Wesson
–Leah Campbell Wesson (together 1996; married 1999)
— –Aidan (born 2004)
— –Larissa (born 2007)
Miles “Jazz” Brooks
–Felicia Brooks
— –Theo (born 2013)
— –Kaia (born 2016)
Jacob “JJ” Jessup
–Petra Maros (together 2022)
Christian Grady
Duncan Helm

Montgomery “Monty” Pickett
Sam Spellman

NEVADA CHARTER (founded 2021)

Cooper Calderon, President
–Siena Morgan Calderon (together/married 2022)
— –Geneva Morgan (sister/ward, born 2007)
Ben “Big Ben” Haddon, Vice President
Zach Jessup, SAA
–Lyra Haddon (together 2021)
Reed Haddon, S/T
Kai Lewis, Tech Officer
Lonnie Little, Soldier
Eugene “Geno” McCord, Soldier
Jordan Redford, Prospect

DECEASED MEMBERS (those not named elsewhere in this list)
Andrew “Slick” Zabek
Griffin Hayes
Walter “Wally” Hansen
Terry Capewell
Jason “Gargoyle” Rock