Love & Friendship: A Signal Bend Byway


Love & Friendship is a novella I first published serially, on this page. It is now complete. It tells a story that develops in the background of Nolan: Return to Signal Bend. It is a complement to the Night Horde MC saga and not crucial to your understanding of the overall story that begins with Move the Sun and ends with Nolan.

WARNING: If you haven’t read the entire saga, this whole novella constitutes a really major spoiler.

Here’s the complete novella: Love & Friendship

Finally, if you’d like a paperback edition of Love & Friendship, one is available. (Not for free, because paper and ink and all that, but as cheap as possible.)

If you got this far down the post, then it’s probably safe to share the synopsis, which is:

This is a story of love uprooted by loss.
This is a story of love finding new ground.
This is a story of love taking root in friendship.
This is a story of love learning how to bloom again.
This is a story of life learning to grow strong again.

This is the story of Bart and Cory.