The Brazen Bulls MC

MC romance series that spinoff from the Night Horde saga. The Brazen Bulls are allied with the Horde throughout The Signal Bend Series and The Night Horde SoCal.

The first series is a prequel, set in the 1990s-2000s. We see the Bulls as they were when they became serious outlaws, and we catch glimpses of the later leaders of the Horde when they were young patches. This series is complete.

A second Bulls series, The Brazen Bulls Birthright, takes place in present day (2019-2025) and primarily features the next generation of the Bulls family. In the timeline of the Horde/Bulls world, this new series occurs after the Signal Bend series and before (and eventually overlapping) the Night Horde SoCal series.


Crash, Book 1

Twist, Book 2

Slam, Book 3

Blaze, Book 4

Honor, Book 5

Fight, Book 6

Stand, Book 7

Light, Book 7.5 (Christmas novella)

Lead, Book 8

The Bulls origin story, set during the Vietnam War: Wait: The Brazen Bulls Beginning

And a spinoff novella set in the Bulls world: Salvage


Redemption, Book 1

Rescue, Book 2

Resolve, Book 3

Renaissance, Book 4

Restless, Book 5

Reunion, Book 5.5 (Christmas novella)

Resilience, Book 6

Respect, Book 7