Signal Bend Shorts

A collection of short stories taking place in Signal Bend. They’re listed in chronological order according to the date first published on the FCP blog.

Primo Natale Gia’s first Christmas.

Adrienne Gets a Tour Badger and Adrienne meet for the first time.

Only So an Hour Show talks about Daisy.

The Temporary Mother Shannon takes care of Gia while Lilli takes care of Isaac.

The Perfect Thing Isaac and Lilli have a very difficult conversation.

Little Scraps of Wisdom Nolan’s 18th birthday.

Lonely House Len and Tasha have a bittersweet Christmas.

Christmas Candy Nolan has an interesting New Year’s Eve.


  1. Just curious about these shorts. Are you saying that all these short stories are already contained inside one or more of the signal bend books? Or do I need to read these before or after certain titles (as you seem to suggest). If so, it would be awesome if you had marked them in some way to let us know “read this after Alone on Earth” ,etc.

    Can you give a bit more info about these – where in the series are these? are they chapters from one of the books or an extra story?

    1. Hi! These are all extra stories. “Adrienne Gets a Tour” is included as a bonus in Leave a Trail, but none of these is part of any novel. There’s a note at the top of each story that situates it in the series timeline (and also warns about potential spoilers).

  2. I am seriously on a Signal Bend bend. Thank you for pointing me to these shorts via Twitter (same name). I actually made this account when all you ladies were still writing fanfiction 😊 Still have most of those and most of the original books.

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