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Anywhere is LIVE!

Anywhere, Book 3 of the Sawtooth Mountains Stories, is now LIVE! Pick it up in digital form on Amazon and elsewhere. It’s also available in paperback. The description: Gigi Mackenzie left home in a hurry ten years ago, and she hasn’t looked back. She’s spent the decade traveling the world, […]


Today I go back to campus to start another academic year. Another summer is over. Damn, no span of time moves as fast for me as mid-May through late August. I don’t feel quite ready to go back to the two-full-time-jobs pace, but here we are. BUT For these brief […]

Summer Check-In!

My classes are over for the Spring 2019 semester; all that’s left now is final grading, and then summer is here! Since I just published Carry the World, which was the last scheduled release I promised in my New Year’s post, I thought I’d update you about my plans for […]


Get it now on Amazon and elsewhere! Available in paperback, too! Carry the World is my latest historical romance, this one set in 1930s Appalachia, during the Great Depression. It features a pack horse librarian—follow that link to learn more about these badass women! I hope you enjoy reading it […]