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Summer! Made it!

Hi! I just finished my last day of classes for the spring 2018 semester last night! There are still some meetings to survive, and more papers to grade than I want to think about, but summer is so close I can smell the sunscreen! Who am I kidding? I’m not […]

Father’s Sun is LIVE

Father’s Sun, the conclusion of The Northwomen Sagas, is live and available on Amazon. It’s in Kindle Unlimited and exclusive to Amazon through the summer. I’m working on removing the series from KU so that I can publish it on other platforms in the fall, so the earlier titles in the […]

What We Want

Susan just uploaded the next book in the Night Horde SoCal series to Amazon for preorder. Shadow & Soul, Book Two, is about Demon and his one true love, Faith. You can find the deets over on the FCP blog here. Susan really loves Demon, so I really loved playing […]

Welcome to the Madhouse

I always get what I aim for And you heart’n soul is what I came for …Lola wants …Lola gets …You’ll never win I’m irresistible, you fool, Give in…Give in…Give in. ~”Whatever Lola Wants,” from Damn Yankees I’m Lola. I live in Susan’s head and write her stories. She gets all […]