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Today marks six years since I first clicked “publish” and put Move the Sun into the world. On the anniversary, I like to do the traditional thing and reflect on the path I’ve taken in those six years, where it’s brought me and what I’ve seen. If you’ve been hanging […]


Today I go back to campus to start another academic year. Another summer is over. Damn, no span of time moves as fast for me as mid-May through late August. I don’t feel quite ready to go back to the two-full-time-jobs pace, but here we are. BUT For these brief […]

On Journaling as Rescue

When I was a kid, around eight or nine, I got one of those little pink diaries with a lock for Christmas. I immediately began styling myself as the second coming of Emily Dickinson, writing poems and scribbles and locking it carefully after every entry, hiding it under my bed. […]

Biker Romance in the Sunset

Last Saturday, Lead, the finale of the Brazen Bulls MC series, went live, and that represents my last MC romance for a while. After three complete series occurring in the same story world, a total of 27 books, it’s strange not to be actively writing or at least taking notes […]

My Favorite Reads of 2018

This year, for the first time, I did the Goodreads Reading Challenge, and having that target to strive for made me find more time than I usually do to read for pleasure. Because I write so much, and read so much to teach, and to do beta and editing work […]

Summer! Made it!

Hi! I just finished my last day of classes for the spring 2018 semester last night! There are still some meetings to survive, and more papers to grade than I want to think about, but summer is so close I can smell the sunscreen! Who am I kidding? I’m not […]