Cover Reveal, Synopsis, and Preorder: Knife & Flesh, Night Horde SoCal Book 4

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Detail of the Hugo Ballin (1879 ~ 1956) Mural at Griffith Observatory, painted in 1934.  Atlas holds the zodiac overhead.  The mural was restored in 2002 and the location is presently called the Keck Central Rotunda.


In the deep of the night last night, Susan uploaded Knife & Flesh, so the preorder should be live on Amazon soon. It’s already live on Smashwords. It takes a little bit longer to go live on iBooks and B&N. We’ll update this post with links as they are available.

Here’s the Goodreads page.

UPDATE 1:00pm PDT: The preorder is now live on Amazon. And on iBooks.

UPDATE 6:00pm PDT: And now at B&N

The book will also be available in paperback on or near release day: Saturday, 1 August 2015.

We want to send out a great shout of thanks and praise to June Lockhart-Triolo, who has allowed us use of her beautiful photograph for the cover. The art is a rendering of Atlas, in a detail from the ceiling fresco at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. The fresco is the work of Hugo Ballin (1879 ~ 1956) and was painted in 1934.

And now, here’s the synopsis for Knife & Flesh:

Patrick “Trick” Stavros is a soldier in the Night Horde SoCal, and he was a soldier in the US Army, once upon a time—a sniper deployed to Afghanistan. The club recently tasked him to use those skills, and the job he did for his club weighs heavy on him, just as the job he did for his country does. He’s struggling under the weight, and he’s beginning to crumble.

Juliana Dominguez is a single mother who has just moved with her young daughter, Lucie, into Trick’s apartment complex. Juliana and Trick know each other a little, and share a mutual attraction, but she has rebuffed his advances. She knows about the Night Horde, and she wants a safer, more secure life for her daughter.

Circumstances conspire to bring them together despite Juliana’s reservations, and they learn that they share some kinds of pain and can make each other stronger. Then, just as Juliana realizes that, with Trick, she and Lucie can have the security and stability they need, and also have something even more important—real, deep, meaningful love—the consequences of Trick’s club life threaten to tear it all away.

And that’s all from Susan and me, for now. Cheers!


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