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Hello all,

Susan made a resolution this year to be more active as an author on social media. I cackled when she made that resolution—since social media is the thing about this writing adventure that she’s worst at—and here we are at the end of the first week of 2016. She’s done a little better, I suppose, but if she’s going to stick to her idea to blog once a week, I’m obviously going to have to help her out.

Sigh. I have to do everything around here. Good thing she keeps me well stocked in blood and tequila.

I’ll make it easy on her this time and just do a little thing looking forward through 2016.

This year is shaping up to be an interesting one for Susan and me. She’s slowed down her publishing schedule a little (we’re planning six books this year), but I’m still cracking that whip and making sure she writes just about every day. This year, she’ll finish up the Pagano Family series.

A lovely graphic by Irene Oust of my visual inspirations for the Paganos

John’s book, Prayer, releases on 30 January (preorder coming up next week, along with the cover and synopsis reveal). Joey’s book will come out later in the year. And that will be a wrap on the Paganos.

Kim at Foxy Blogs made this beauty for Prayer.

And we’ve taken a journey in the way-back machine. Our new fascination is the Viking era, and we’ve finished drafts for two books in The Northwomen Sagas. Vikings are perfect for Susan and me—lots of bloodlust and wanderlust and just…well…lust. Damn, those big Viking men are HOT. And shieldmaidens! Talk about some strong women! I adore writing about Vikings!


The first Northwomen book, God’s Eye, will be released in April. More on that in a few weeks.

Susan and I both think it’s the best thing we’ve written. We’re thinking it’ll be the first in a four-book series. That can change, of course, depending on whether I find any more shiny things I want to write about in Scandinavia. I’ve already seen a couple of delightful possibilities of new directions to go. Heehee!

And, of course, Nolan’s book is coming. That’s the book we just started writing this week. Assuming Susan doesn’t piss me off, we’re planning to release that in the summer—June or so. Susan says Nolan’s book, not part of any series but following both Night Horde series, will be the last Horde book. But then she wondered about writing about cowboys, and I pointed out that the Horde has a new charter in Montana, so who knows. If that idea takes, it won’t be for a good long while, and only if I find something shiny there.


Besides our writing plans, Susan will be attending her first signing event this year. She’ll be at the Sexy & Sassy Signing’s Star Studded Affair in Norfolk, VA, 8-9 July. She’s featured at the Roving Author dinner, and she’ll be signing (of course) and on the cruise as well. Here’s a link to tickets:

So that’s what 2016 looks like for Susan: Finish the Paganos with John and Joey’s books. Finish the Night Horde and give Nolan an HEA. (Susan made me swear a blood oath that he’ll get an HEA.) Play in the snow and sea with shieldmaidens and berserkers and other yummy yummy Vikings. And get out and meet some readers.

You’ll probably be hearing from me more often, too.

In fact, I’ll be back next week, when Susan makes Prayer available for preorder.

Until then…

Ciao lovelies,
Lola xo

P.S. Since it’s the start of a new year, in case new readers are wondering who in the hell I am, I’m Lola. Susan’s muse. I live in her head. Here’s my introductory post.

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