Love & Friendship: A Signal Bend Byway, Epilogue

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It’s Christmas Eve, and that means, among many other things, that it’s time for the eighth and final installment of Love & Friendship! I hope you’ve enjoyed your stay in Signal Bend! <3

Here’s the epilogue: love-friendship-epilogue

If you’ve been holding off reading until it was complete, you don’t have to read eight different files. Here’s the full novella: love-friendship-complete

Finally, I have this thing where I need to have paperback copies of all my books (you know, in case of apocalypse, when the power runs out), so I made a paperback of Love & Friendship, and I’m putting it up for sale. The digital edition will always be free on the blog, but I can’t make the paperback free because…it exists in the material world. But I made it as cheap as I could, just in case there’s anyone besides me who might want a paper copy. Anyway, it’s not live anywhere but CreateSpace (right here) yet, but you can find it there if you’re interested. It’ll be live everywhere in a few days.

***UPDATE: The paperback is already live on Amazon.***

And, finally, the digital edition, in its serial parts and completeness, will permanently live here on the blog.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

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  1. Finally! Finally I’ve had the time to read Love & Friendship and I absolutely love it! I’d always wondered how Cory and Bart worked through their pasts, their kids, the Horde, and each other to come together. Beautiful story. Thank you so much for having written it and sharing it with those of us who love your special art of storytelling.

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