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Love & Friendship: A Signal Bend Byway, Epilogue


It’s Christmas Eve, and that means, among many other things, that it’s time for the eighth and final installment of Love & Friendship! I hope you’ve enjoyed your stay in Signal Bend! ❤

Here’s the epilogue: love-friendship-epilogue

If you’ve been holding off reading until it was complete, you don’t have to read eight different files. Here’s the full novella: love-friendship-complete

Finally, I have this thing where I need to have paperback copies of all my books (you know, in case of apocalypse, when the power runs out), so I made a paperback of Love & Friendship, and I’m putting it up for sale. The digital edition will always be free on the blog, but I can’t make the paperback free because…it exists in the material world. But I made it as cheap as I could, just in case there’s anyone besides me who might want a paper copy. Anyway, it’s not live anywhere but CreateSpace (right here) yet, but you can find it there if you’re interested. It’ll be live everywhere in a few days.

***UPDATE: The paperback is already live on Amazon.***

And, finally, the digital edition, in its serial parts and completeness, will permanently live here on the blog.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

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