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Someone digital cover

Someone, Book 4 of The Sawtooth Mountains Stories, is now live. You can order your copy at Amazon and elsewhere.

Someone is a friends-to-lovers story that, like all the books in the Sawtooth series, can be read as a standalone.

Here’s the description:

Ellen Emerson has lived in Jasper Ridge, Idaho all her life and has never wanted to be anywhere else. She loves her town, her family, her friends, and her job managing the Moondancer Ranch. But she’s been unlucky in love, and after years of trying, she’s just about run out of options for romance among the men of her tiny town. Lately, she’s been trying to adjust her expectations for her future, to embrace the life she has and give up her dreams for a love and a family of her own.

She doesn’t need love. She’ll be okay on her own.

Luke Taylor is also a lifelong resident of Jasper Ridge. He and Ellen have known each other always, and they’ve worked together at the Moondancer for years. Ellen’s one of his favorite people; she’s fair and forthright. But Luke doesn’t really think the way most people do; he’s never been good at understanding people or being understood by them. So he doesn’t think much about romance. His mother’s always insisted that there’s someone for everyone, but a life of awkwardness and rejection has convinced him she’s wrong.

That’s okay. He’s just fine—better off—on his own.

Then one day, something between them changes. Maybe it’s the trouble Ellen has with a wealthy and insistent guest. Maybe it’s the trouble that’s risen up suddenly between the people of Jasper Ridge and the people of the Sawtooth Jasper reservation. Whatever it is, their world shakes. And Ellen and Luke, friends for years, see each other differently for the first time.

Maybe there’s someone for everyone after all.

I hope you enjoy Ellen and Luke’s story!

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