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I always get what I aim for
And you heart’n soul is what I came for
…Lola wants
…Lola gets
…You’ll never win
I’m irresistible, you fool,
Give in…Give in…Give in.

~”Whatever Lola Wants,” from Damn Yankees

I’m Lola. I live in Susan’s head and write her stories. She gets all the credit, but honestly, she’s nothing more than my transcriptionist. Of course, she gets all the blame, too, so I don’t make much of a fuss.

She calls me Lola because what I want, I get.

It serves well enough as a name, I suppose.

Susan wasn’t doing anything with this blog, so I’ve commandeered it. I have some things I might want to say my own self. I’m getting a little bored speaking only through her characters.

Don’t get me wrong: I love screwing with those poor people. The more Susan loves them, the more fun it is to make them suffer. If you read what we write, you can tell which characters she loves best, because I have fucked with them hard.

She really loves Isaac and Lilli. Heh.

She’s got this whole thing about wanting her characters to persevere and come through their trials stronger. That’s fine with me. I’ll give her that.

As long as they bleed on the way.


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  1. Hi Lola,

    Love what you did with Susan’s blog.:)- Was wondering if you could you tell me if Susan is really fond of anyone from SoCal? Just trying to prepare myself. Lol. 😉


    1. Sorry, also forgot to ask you,Lola, if you see SoCal being gritter than Signal Bend? Just wondering since Signal Bend folks actually wanted to be on the right side of the law but kept getting sucked into the outlaw life. SoCal had behaved since they were in the spotlight. They seem to like outlaw life better.

      1. Thanks for your questions. There are a few guys that Susan really loves in SoCal, yes indeedy.

        You’re right that the SoCal charter is more comfortable being outlaws. I’m not sure if that means this series will be grittier than Signal Bend. They are better at being outlaws, too, which might keep them out of trouble more.

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