The Freaks Do Sturgis!

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Sturgis promo

This is the week of the 76th annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and the Freak Circle Press is celebrating that yearly crush of bikes and bikers over on the FCP Facebook page.

Each day, a different writer of the FCP is taking the spotlight, sharing their work, offering discounts on their books, doing giveaways, and other cool stuff:

TUESDAY 8/9: C.D. Breadner
WEDNESDAY 8/10: Lina Andersson
THURSDAY 8/11: Sarah Osborne
FRIDAY 8/12: Catherine Johnson
SATURDAY 8/13: Shannon Flagg
SUNDAY 8/14: Susan Fanetti

On Sunday, 14 August, in addition to sharing pretties and stuff, we’ll be making an announcement.

Meanwhile, we’ve put Kindle editions of the entire Night Horde library on sale for this week. So if you haven’t met the Horde, or if you haven’t finished their ride, here’s your chance to hop on!

The Signal Bend Series
The Night Horde SoCal
Nolan: Return to Signal Bend

Horde Sale 99 nolan


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