Love & Friendship: A Signal Bend Byway, Part One

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As promised, here’s the first installment of Love & Friendship: love-friendship-p1

A reminder: This novella develops a story that happens between two characters in the background of Nolan: Return to Signal Bend. If you haven’t read the entire Night Horde MC saga, then this novella is a major spoiler for it, and you should stop reading right now if you care about such things.

Moreover, if you have read the saga and weren’t happy with the development of which I speak (and I feel confident you know what I’m talking about), then you can skip this novella without compromising your understanding of the Night Horde stories as a whole. This takes place completely within the Nolan timeline.

Spoilers coming now….

Right now…

Okay, you’ve been warned…

Love & Friendship begins on the Thanksgiving immediately after Bart’s return to Signal Bend, so this Part One opens on a downbeat note. His grief is still fresh and raw. This novella is as much about Bart and his kids’–and Cory and her kids’–healing as it is about the love that grows between them.

Though eventually there is an explicit love scene, there is only one, very late in the novella. This is not an erotic read. It’s a story of love growing from friendship.

I hope you enjoy. Part Two is coming on Sunday, 4 December.

Happy Holidays!

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