Crash is LIVE!

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Meet the Bulls! Crash is now live everywhere. 

Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1995.

Conrad “Radical” Jessup, Sergeant at Arms of the Brazen Bulls Motorcycle Club, has life just about where he wants it: he’s free of a bad marriage, and his club is cruising along healthy and strong, their business relationships as solid as their brotherhood. He’s a contented man, riding his road at his speed.

Until a massive highway wreck brings a blonde on a little sportster crashing into his life.

Willa Randall is making a new life in Tulsa, working hard to put a demolished past in her rearview mirror. Trying to keep herself safe, she’s built a life insulated by locks and walls. Inside those walls, she’s alone, but she feels secure, and that’s enough.

Until a big, tattooed biker holds out his hand and helps her up from the pavement.

A love seeded in chaos grows fast and deep. But when chaos is a constant, can any love endure?






And if you’re old school, the paperback is live on CreateSpace. It’ll be live elsewhere…whenever they get around to it. 🙂




  1. Ok, so fuck, pardon my french but you write so beautifully. I don’t quite know if i should cry or smile or laugh. I’ve done all three. So that’s that. Literally hoovered my way through Crash for 3 hours straight. I’ve read everything by you so far except for your Pagano series. I really don’t know why i was hesitant to pick that up, and after reading Crash and having nothing to read that would make my toes curl – i started on Pagano. NICK. oh Nick. And Luca. I am afraid if i get started, i’ll wax poetry. Back to Crash, Rad and Willa’s story is beyond fine. I just have to know and ask, whose story is up next in the Brazen Bull’s MC and when will it be released? Keep ’em coming.

    1. Wow! Your comment has started my morning off on a grand note. Thank you so much!! Gunner’s story is next up for the Bulls, and I’m planning to release that at the beginning of April. Thanks again! xoxo

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