Aurora Terminus is LIVE!!

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Aurora Terminus, my (zombie-free) post-apocalyptic novel, went live today! It’s available for Kindle and other platforms. Paperbacks will be available soon as well.

You might notice that I’m using a different variation of my name for this. I decided to do that since this is a different genre (there’s definitely a love story, but it’s not the focus of the book). I have social media set up as S.E. Fanetti and I had to set up a Goodreads account in that name as well. If you’re of a mind, I’d love to get some likes on those accounts.

I hope you enjoy Aurora Terminus. It was a wild ride to write it.

And if you’re here for the bikers, the sixth book of the Brazen Bulls MC is my next release. I’ll have more details about it soon!



  1. I have really enjoyed all of your previous work but this one is a freaking master piece! Thank you for sharing your talent with the world. I can’t even put into words how good this is! I can’t stop reading but don’t want it to end either.
    Reading this, I realized that if the sh** hits the fan in our world, I don’t have any survival skills to bring to the table. My husband, who loves anything “survivalist” was thrilled when I told him I wanted to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow.
    This will give me a serious book hang over when I’m done!

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