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Five years ago today, I clicked “publish” for the first time. I put my first book, Move the Sun, out into the world and introduced the Signal Bend Series and the Night Horde MC.

Three years ago today, I released Calm & Storm, the final book of the Night Horde SoCal series, the second series of the Night Horde MC Saga.

A couple weeks ago, I published my 40th book, Someday.

It’s been a crazy five years.

To commemorate the milestone-y anniversary and the saga that got the whole thing started, today I’m releasing new complete “box set” editions of both The Signal Bend Series and The Night Horde SoCal.



These sets are digital-only, and it looks like they’ll be exclusive to Amazon, because the publishing service I use to publish books elsewhere had a nervous breakdown over the formatting, and then I had a nervous breakdown over trying to figure out why it was having a nervous breakdown.

So … Amazon only.

Each one is $9.99—which is a hell of a value for 8-volume series (including novellas).

The Signal Bend Series includes:
Move the Sun
Behold the Stars
Into the Storm

Alone on Earth
In Dark Woods
All the Sky
Show the Fire
Leave a Trail (which includes the series epilogue, The True Seed)

The Night Horde SoCal Series includes:
Strength & Courage
Shadow & Soul
Today & Tomorrow
Fire & Dark
Dream & Dare
Knife & Flesh
Rest & Trust
Calm & Storm (which includes the series epilogue Home & Safe)

These might be available for a limited time only. I haven’t entirely decided about that yet.

If you haven’t read about the Night Horde yet (or if you know them only as secondary characters in my Brazen Bulls MC series), then here’s a great chance to catch up. 🙂

Main buy links for The Signal Bend Series:
Amazon UK
Amazon Canada
Amazon Australia

Main buy links for The Night Horde SoCal Series:
Amazon UK
Amazon Canada
Amazon Australia

There are two more volumes of the Night Horde MC Saga: Nolan: Return to Signal Bend (a novel) and Love & Friendship (a novella), both of which occur after the two main series. As neither of them are part of a specific series, they aren’t part of these sets.


p.s. Oh, and I also gave this website a little makeover, as you can see. It was due for a fresh look.

p.p.s. If you’re curious about my next new book release, tune in next Saturday!

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