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carry the world digital cover

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Carry the World is my latest historical romance, this one set in 1930s Appalachia, during the Great Depression. It features a pack horse librarian—follow that link to learn more about these badass women!

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!





  1. Dear Susan,
    Thank you for your last book “Carry the world”. The name of my new hero is Ada Lee. It is the first time, that I heard about these women and I am deeply impressed. I will do now my own research, if this is a special phenomenon in America or if we had something similar here in Europe too.
    With your love stories you have a fine instrument to transport the history of women with their power, repression and the fight for their rights. Especially for younger women. We have come so far, but sometimes when I have a hard look to our modern world, I thought that younger women are only interested in beauty, selfies and posts on instagram & co. I know it’s not true, but my hope is, that your stories will help to improve the awareness, that the current status of womens liberation can’t be taken as granted and we are not done yet. Furthermore I like the male characters you, create, because equal rights can only be achieved, when men and women love and respect each other. And that leads me to my last comment, why I love this story so much. What we need is education. Silly people do silly things. And those pack horse libariens brought entertainment, but they also brought education to the people.
    I hope you will write more of theses stories. You are a fine Lady Susan Fanetti :-).
    Please excuse, if I have made some mistakes, but I am a German woman, so I am not a native speaker.
    A big hug from Germany and I’m looking forward to a new book from you (I have read them all :-).

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