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Anywhere, Book 3 of the Sawtooth Mountains Stories, is now LIVE! Pick it up in digital form on Amazon and elsewhere. It’s also available in paperback.

The description:

Gigi Mackenzie left home in a hurry ten years ago, and she hasn’t looked back. She’s spent the decade traveling the world, moving fast, never landing anywhere long, chasing something she’s never been able to find, or even define. In all those years, there’s only one thing, one person, she’s truly missed—the one person she hadn’t been running from at all. The person she hurt most when she left.

When she gets word of trouble at home, she knows she has to go back. Tragedy sent her flying, and tragedy brings her back to the nest.

Like his father and his grandfather before him, Reese Webb runs The Apple Jack Saloon. In more than forty years of life, he’s hardly crossed the Idaho state line, and he has no need or intention to go anywhere. Jasper Ridge, and the Jack—that’s his home. He’s a man who likes things to stay the way they are.

Ten years ago, he meant to bring the love of his life home to these familiar, well-worn walls. But the night before their wedding, she ran away.

Now Gigi is back, and Reese realizes there’s a reason he’s been standing in place all this time. He’s been waiting.

But has too much time, and too much pain, filled the space between them?



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