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Hi all,

Just a quick note to let you know that THUNDER, Book 1 of my new Capital City MMA series, is now live!

Here are the links to Amazon and elsewhere. And the paperback, too.

I might write more about this book, in a debrief or something here on the blog. I’m trying to decide if there would  be interest in that, and if I’ve got the emotional fortitude for it, too. Meanwhile, I recommend reading the content warning and the author’s note (if you don’t like spoilers, save the note for afterward).



  1. Hi there. I can read the content warning in the ‘Look Inside’ portion on Amazon, but can’t get to the Author’s Note. Do I have to actually purchase the book to see the note prior to knowing if it’s something I want to read?

  2. I just finished Thunder and I have to say this was a hard story to read. It wasn’t until I read the author’s notes that I realized this story wasn’t just fiction, that it was based on events you and your family lived thru. You are always an automatic buy for me because your stories leave me wanting more but also there is a truth to them…they are believable. Some may not see this as a love story but I could definitely feel the love between Thor & David, and Thor & Nina. Real life isn’t insta love or easy, it’s hard, messy, and most of all it’s real. Thank you for telling this story, it’s one I won’t forget.

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