LIVE! RESOLVE, Brazen Bulls Birthright #3

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Today is release day for Resolve, Zach Jessup’s story! I’m so excited for you to see how much–and how well–this club kid has grown up!

You can get it in digital form on Amazon or many other platforms. If paperback is your jam, I got you, too.

I hope you love Zach and Lyra, his one true love, as much as I do!

And I hope you’re safe and snug on this winter weekend!



    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! And at the moment I’m only writing Birthright stories, so they’ll be coming one after the other. Book 4 is drafted and will be out in May, and I’m working on Book 5 (JJ’s story) right now. xoxo

      1. How exciting ! I’m interested to see where you go with JJ. You’ve made him so unlikable so far🤣🤣

        Who is book 4 about ?

      2. I love redeeming unlikeable characters! And I’m going to keep the lead of Book 4 close to my chest for a while. It’ll probably be a surprise–it was a surprise to me, haha!

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