Father’s Sun is LIVE

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Father's Sun cover gold

Father’s Sun, the conclusion of The Northwomen Sagas, is live and available on Amazon. It’s in Kindle Unlimited and exclusive to Amazon through the summer.

I’m working on removing the series from KU so that I can publish it on other platforms in the fall, so the earlier titles in the series will be coming off KU, one by one, throughout the summer.

You can find buy links to all the books in the series here.

As I’ve said before, The Northwomen Sagas has been a labor of love. I’ve adored researching and writing this world, and I am really proud of these stories. Though it has consistently ranked well in its specific category of Viking romance, it’s actually not a widely read series (apparently, not many readers read Vikings, period), but that hasn’t dampened my enthusiasm for this endeavor. I write to write much more than I write to be read, and this writing has been a joy.

I’d have written the Northwomen if no one but me had read it, but this series has some devoted readers, and I want to thank you for sailing this sea with me. xoxo

Information about future writing/publishing plans is coming soon. Stayed tuned to this channel.



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