Nothing on Earth & Nothing in Heaven is LIVE!!

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Nothing on Earth & Nothing in Heaven is my favorite book I’ve written, and possibly the best book I can write, and it’s live now on Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, and B&N. I’ve approved the proof of the paperback version as well, and that should be available any time now on Amazon.

NOE&NIH is a historical romance set between 1910-1920, during the fight for women’s suffrage.

Here’s the synopsis:

England, 1910.

Lady Nora Tate is a young woman caught between the expectations of her station and the demands of her own heart and mind. The noble world of her birth is a luxurious cage, locking her away from all she wishes to know and feel and do, the woman she wishes to be. All around her, the world is changing, and she fights to join it, even as she creates scandal with her every attempt to break free.

William Frazier is the scion of an American railroad tycoon, in England to seek new business opportunities for his family’s empire and visit his good friend, Lord Christopher Tate. With Chris as his guide, he tours the London Season, and meets his friend’s younger sister. He’s captivated at once by the lovely young lady with the sharp wit and searching eyes.

Raised by visionary parents, William sees Nora’s cage for what it is and admires her striving against constraint. But her world will neither free her, nor accept him. William would be her hero and save her, but Nora wants to save herself, if she can.

Set against the tumultuous cultural and political backdrop of the end of the Edwardian Era, on two continents and across an ocean, Nothing on Earth & Nothing in Heaven is a story about the deep love between a young woman finding her voice, and the man strong enough to stand at her side as she demands the right to use it.


  1. What a fantastic book! Thank you! I have read the majority of your books and truly believe your talent is being missed by many, but love that you are independent and do not give in to the corporate formulas that stifle talent and imagination. You write what calls to you, not what mainstream is demanding. “Nothing….” is a book with with so much breadth so well tied together that I am reading it again to expand on my appreciation of the work. You excell at creating characters and portraying each character as individuals and that is even harder to do in series. You have amazed me in three series and this stand alone. “Nothing…” does an anazing job of presenting the suffregette movement with out bashing men. Showing how change can occur regardless of the obstacles and it takes several different kinds of methods sometimes to make effect. This story covers so much of human experience that it would be awesome in book clubs and high school and college lit classes. The interwoven love story is so well done….inspirational! Themes of loss, love, forgiveness, family, cultural and societal differences, tradegy and aftermath, friends, ugliness and beauty of life. Just wow. So much I see in this book. Wish everyone would read it. I have noticed your titles are so intelligently thought out. Sometimes though, I have to ponder the title after finishing the book. I love that!!!! “Nothing…’s” title has me pondering the most so my second reading will have this pondering in the background. The best forms of education and entertainment are those that offer growth of the mind. Thank you for sharing your talent!

    1. Wow!! Thank you so much! I’ve read your comment multiple times, because it’s so full of amazing compliments I can’t quite take them all in at once. I’m so moved. Thank you for taking the time to let me know you loved Nothing on Earth and Nothing in Heaven!

      (and the key to the title in in the epigraph) xoxo

  2. How you switched genres and nailed the period is amazing. Loved, loved, loved the entire book. I bought an ebooks for each of my three nieces. I had to share your story and message. I’m soon to be 60 and have never married-so many times while reading it was like you’d been in my head and my heart! Every reason was there in NENH. 100 years later and we’re still grappling for equality!
    I must confess, I was VERY worried about William when he went into the water. After what happened to Havoc… I was afraid to continue reading!
    You are one of three authors who makes me question giving up hardbacks. Signal Bend, Night Horde, Brazen Bulls, Northwoman Saga… please keep writing and those of us who love your style of story telling will keep reading!
    Thank you for another excellent tale!

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