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I’m so excited to finally have an audiobook out! I’ve had readers ask for audio versions of my books for just about as long as I’ve been publishing, but it took me quite a while to get my feet under me with the various elements of publishing different formats. (I had two whole series out before I felt comfortable even making paperbacks available!) By the time I was ready to try to figure out audiobooks, I had several long series out and the cost of publishing a whole series of audiobooks at once was … a real big lot. Especially since I had no strong sense that the demand would support that significant cost.

I didn’t want to publish the first book of a series, discover that the demand wasn’t enough to make the expense worthwhile, and then sit there with the rest of the books in the series not in audio. I am not good at all with incompletion–and neither are readers.

But then Carry the World came around. It’s by far my most popular standalone, it’s a book I especially love, and it seemed perfect to test the Audible waters with.

And then I found the absolute PERFECT narrator in Eleanor Caudill, who brings Ada and her Appalachian world to vivid life.

So I very proudly present to you Carry the World, the audiobook.

If this first foray turns out to be worthwhile, then I hope/plan to begin producing other books in my catalog as audiobooks as well.

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